"You have a career in music...you have absolutely all the talent...just amazing."

- Katy Perry, RE: Sophia James

May 2020

Sophia James, formerly Sophia Wackerman, grew up in Long Beach California with a musical family. From an early age, she cultivated a music taste that combined influences of jazz, folk, rock, and soul. She began writing songs when she was in high school and hasn't stopped since. She currently attends UCLA with a major in Global Jazz Studies. 

​Sophia was a contestant on the 2020 season of "American Idol" (judged by Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan) and earned herself a spot in the coveted "Top 10". Her signature tone makes her music instantly recognizable and refreshing. Sophia's greatest desire is to create music that will connect to people, move people, and heal people. 


Check out this site to hear some of her music.